• Use two hands Peck!

    Nope, that is correct, I don't own a Vespa. I have always loved them though. I have been run over by one in my little village just outside of Naples (Italy not America) no permanent damage to report though (just a broken toe). I have memories of my grandad on his Vespa, a white one to be precise (be prepared for this level of accuracy) actually both grandparents had Vespa's.

    Use two hands Peck, you crazy bast*rd
    I have always been fascinated by the way they seem to liberate people, the freedom they give to teenagers across the globe and how now, in major cities in mainland Europe they are the choice of commuter vehicle. You just have to love the simplicity of them, well I do anyway.

    This is a bit of a journey for me. I want to own one, but not just any Vespa. I want to buy bits and pieces and refurb one from scratch a classic one. I have yet to decide on a model, what colour to paint it etc. Along the way though this will be my blog.

    I am an avid follower of sports and exercise, discuss current affairs and love to travel to new cities, all perfect for chats over the Vespa seat some would say. I hope you enjoy it.


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