• Words fail me, the riots in my own mumbled words...

    I didn’t want to write about the riots in the UK. And actually I don’t want to give credence to the thugs/scum/twats going around the streets and smashing things up. You see the issue is that I don’t understand it, and it is leaving me, for want of a better word, sad.

    Sad that in a nation which has given my family and I a home for the last 20 years to see it come under collapse by civil unrest - if that’s what you can call it.

    Sad that when you look at the big global picture, GB isn’t facing war, tyranny or social condemnation.

    I am not going to even try and think of broken communities or socities, they exist in every corner of the world. Playing the blame game achieves nothing either, and a solution is far from a phone call away.

    Nothing over these last four days can or should be condoned. You are aware when you do something right or something wrong. Smashing a window and stealing plasma tv’s, mobile phones or shoes is most definitely wrong, but that evades some folk. 

    How does this help your plight by the way?

    We can’t even begin to understand some misfortune of people who feel that they have no voice, but is smashing up town streets the way forward? If you have a cause, a belief, then I, as your brother in arms will protest peacefully with you, but not this way, this is mindless and does not exist in my world.

    But I will say one last thing, the emergency services begin to show the greatness of this nation. The public willing to do more to fix the problem rather than cause it, should make everyone proud living in this country. Thank you, your acts alone show that there is something to be grateful for in this great nation.

    The better people of this great nation

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