• comparing eras is like comparing tv adverts!

    Sorry it has been a while since my last blog. As you probably guessed from the last post I haven't been too great and I am trying to get a few things sorted in the interim, but I am here and I am ALIVE!!!!

    The other day I was watching one of the Spanish matches on Sky Sports and the Spanish football pundit Guillame Balague said that "Barcelona are the greatest team in history". The Milanista in me can never agree with that statement, I remember the days when the Milan of Sacchi was considered the greatest in history, hell, my dad remembers the days of supporting Red Star Moscow in the 60s because of their football brilliance - he's anything but a communist!

    The issue is, comparing teams from different eras is like equally comparing TV adverts from different periods of your life, its a moot point. Put simply I still believe the Heinz advert which featured Matt Le Blanc (Joey from friends) is the greatest TV advert ever! Its simplicity made it genius, the attitude of the advert was just brilliant, it reflected my wish to one day do, what he was doing...to see what I am talking about see below.

    Yes I wanted to look that corny and cool, all at the same time!

    Back to my point. Barcelona today are undoubtedly one of the greatest teams to grace the green turf, however it doesn't mean, greatest in history. There is no point comparing different eras, because that's precisely the biggest variable, eras. One era required a style of play compared to another so you can never really make the comparison. Could Barcelona replicate what they are doing now 20 years ago and win? Can the Ajax of Cryuff likewise do what they did in the 70s today and conquer all?

    Football is like a Heinz ketchup advert, sooner or later something better is going to come along. 

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    1. First of all.. LOVE the add. A great laugh and warmed up the day. :)

      I coudln't agree with you more Gino. An Era is labelled an era for a reason and when you look back Barca's present history making simply cannot discard Cryuff's Ajax or Sacchi's Milan.

      Football goes through fads of dominance and Barca are currently the best team now, but to make a colossal statement that they are the best throughout 'history' is simply ludicrous.

      That statement goes down to Spanish bias, but I think most people in the world would agree, that what he said is a fallacy.

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    3. Brilliant!Very good comparison between football and commercials!original!I agree, we can't say what's the greatest team of the history cause every period has got its peculiarity. We can't compare the football of today to tha football of 20 years ago. Anyway as a Milanista i can say that the best era is the one of Milan of Berlusconi because i think winning 28 trophies in 25 years means making history. And i say this without any reference to politics :D

    4. I totally agree with you.
      It's impossible to compare teams from different eras.
      The style of play has changed too much. The features of players, the trainings and the mental approach to the match too.

      At the era of Sacchi, people said the same, and called Milan's players "Gli Invincibili".
      Now in the Barcelona era, people are saying the same.
      Ten years from now another team will take the place of Barcelona.

    5. Simple and brilliant. The eras are different. But the quality is common. What was brilliant in 90s is still in 2010. Only the way it is presented is different. Well done Gino.

      And Get well soon. We need our Coach fit and ready.

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