• Dear Bill Cosby...

    Sun 25/09/11 22:31
    Dear @BillCosby please bring back your tv series, it was simply one of the best shows in the 80/90s your fan. Gino

    One of my latest tweets has had me thinking...would the world be a better place if "The Cosby" show came back to TV?

    Yes I reached out to the funny man of Sunday night entertainment, Mr Bill Cosby, a legend in the De Blasio household, well for me anyway. Strangely, I was only used to hearing him in Italian until I was about 8 years old, as in Italy, it was on during the summer break when my parents, in their most loving way would ship me out to my grandparents with my brother, hot summers and the Cosby Show were good childhood memories.

    So imagine my shock when I first heard him in English, the jokes at first were less funny, the timing seemed all out with the canned laughter and his mannerisms seemed skittish. But eventually Mr Cosby started to make me laugh in English as well, oh the memories.

    Seriously if he wasn't berating his son for something stupid that he had done, or the fact that his daughter (the one that married Lenny Kravitz) wasn't as innocent as she made out, it would be his wife giving him grief about the food he ate every day, I mean this was TV for the first time really representing a family. Not like the Waltons - no one could be that happy, let alone a whole family; and don't get me started on "Little House on the prairie" I mean they were a miserable bunch weren't they!

    And I think, if The Cosby show came back to our TV screens, the country would get fixed, and fast. Imagine, less burglaries on a Sunday night (if Bullseye reduced suicides, The Cosby show can do the same with robbers); kids would be more inclined to eat their veg and there would be less confusion about having three sets of grandparents! (In fairness Mr Cosby, I never understood that one either).

    So there we have it, we bring back one great TV show, make families unite, reduce crime, and get the nation feeling good about itself by simply forcing Bill Cosby back to our TV sets!

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    1. I love it!! One of my favorite TV shows!

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