• Doctors, just like your grandma but with a stethoscope!

    Since returning from my holidays I've not been too great. I managed to pull my back and inflame my sciatic nerve, slice my fingers whilst preparing la parmigiana an unfortunately succumbed to some weird gut problem that hit me before leaving for Italy.

    Now, Nonna's are the best at feeding you, but reassuring you, not so much. My nonna let me know of family relatives that were suffering from similar symptoms and then went onto reliably inform me that they died of bowel cancer at the tender age of 29, reassuring Nonna, reassuring. Apart from feeding me every prune off her bloody tree, so many figs you could shake your wrist at, and even the good old grounded hazelnut, nothing helped.

    So I went to the docs. I told him the comforting story of my grandma trying to kill me with vitamin D, F & Z overload, and the fact that if that didn't work "I'd be dead by my 29th". Now, the doctor is only a few years older than me, so his humour counter was on a similar level. He went through all the rudimentary questioning a doctor does, and then he took my blood pressure and pulse.

    Blood pressure was low 109/65 and my pulse (in the surgery) was 48. (Since last night I have taken average readings to discover it is actually 42.)

    His recommendation, "take it easy, nothing to worry about. Don't listen to your grandma, I'd know if something wasn't right. Anyway you will need 7 different blood tests for X, Y, Z and in the meantime, just take it easy".

    Reassuring doc, reassuring! 

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