• EU Sceptics are bigots...no you are mis-reading my point!

    Last night during question time there was a few incidents, 4 I counted where people shouted out, and even said on open micro-phone that the UK should leave Europe. Well, this had me and others in complete shock at the narrow vision of people that still believe this to be the cure for the UK.

    I used the term EU sceptics are bigots. Not my best hour as it was lost in translation in what I was trying to say.  I think the appropriate term was hypocrites.

    Nations should remain sovreign but co-operate equally

    My stand point 

    The issues which surround the governing of Europe remain, and it would be ignorant of me, or like minded people to not think this was the case. Not one country can take the reigns, this is not what the EU was designed to do. It was never meant to be a super-power.

    I used to work in the EU and I saw its workings every day. There are millions wasted every day in a massive institution that for me does not fulfil the principle it was set out to create. Instead it is a multi faceted bureaucracy where ministerial wages really are the gravy train for a lot of people performing innadequately. How can one agricultural reform aid one country and completely screw over another?

    Nations should remain sovreign but co-operate equally.

    Where it does work, is that it does enhance co-operation and provides benefits in the long-term of this country. 3/4 of all study grants for European study programmes with over 15,000 students take every year in this country is thanks to the EU, providing a stronger workforce, in the long term.

    As Carrozzo said yesterday "The Eurozone is a 100-year play to build up an economic power bloc to compete with 3 or 4 other much bigger global zones pulling together. Would be nice if we at least thought about, and debated it in those terms. If it was just about medium-term fiscal responsibility, Greece would've been out on its arse ages ago. But it's a geographic buffer. Buffers and natural resources. It's a land grab. If anything, the EU is THE example of long-term thinking. And long-term thinking does not take into account you or your children. It takes into account their children and so on. Scary but, well..."

    Back to my comment. EU sceptics are NOT bigots. Bigots are bigots, EU sceptics are EU sceptics, they are not one and the same thing. My principle argument was that you can have individuals that are both EU Sceptics and ARE bigots about Europe at the same point. It's these very people that don't want the UK to be part of a trading block that provides jobs in the UK and abroad for UK citizens.

    These very same people shout first and think later. The simple fact that we can travel between European nations free of persecution, work in these nations, benefiting from their resources as much as someone can do it in the UK makes the EU a model that we should also be applauding.

    It's not a perfect system, but find me a country, trading bloc that is, and I'll campaign with you to see that we belong to it.

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