• Don't make lists, just go and do it...

    Firstly, a Happy New Year to you all.

    I wanted to write a quick post today after being slightly inspired by my good friend James who wrote an excellent piece about how to embrace a little bit more about life etc. You can read his post here.

    In the last year, I like James have embraced many a new change, I find myself enjoying blogging even if sometimes I think who the hell is reading this stuff? I have made progressive changes to my diet feeling healthier and stronger from my workouts. I have made new friends, caught up with old ones in the UK and abroad, travelled to cities that were on a wish list and I became a qualified football (soccer) coach and I am coaching 5 year olds...it's the coolest thing ever!  2011 was a good calendar year.

    So what does 2012 bring?

    Honestly I don't know, and I am not going to spend any time trying to guess or plan too much. I don't believe you should set out objectives on a piece of paper, it will only pressure you to try and get it achieved and if you don't then you can feel deflated by it all and may never try again. For me, the word failure means you haven't achieved what you set out to do in the time frame you wanted it...don't have a timeframe!

    Something about no mountain is high enough...don't remember...

    I believe that if you want to start a new hobby, just start it. If you want to achieve some sort of weight loss goal, just go and do it. Don't allow yourself to be pressured if you don't achieve what you want to achieve, you can make the change whenever you want.

    You don't need a new year to pass to tell you to get on with it, if you want to do it, you can.

    Enjoy life people, it will pass before you know it. 

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