• If all it took was 30 days; going cold turkey!

    Take 30 days, 30 days to look at making it the start of changing something you do, want to do, make a positive change to.

    The other day I said don't put time limits on things (increases pressure on you and suddenly you are left felling that you are unsuccessful), I am not saying that you should try and achieve everything you set out to in 30 days, what I am saying however is, to make a start, do something for 30 days that you always wanted to do. It could be starting a hobby (stuck for ideas, see Hobbytrials blog), learning a language, reading more, doing more exercise etc.

    Take 30 days as your starting point, break yourself in gradually.

    I for the next 30 days am going to go totally paleolithic in my diet.

    What is paleolithic? 

    Basically its what the caveman diet used to be. Whatever they could hunt and gather they would eat. Think of it simply as taking out all non pure foods. Take out wheat, after all it's only be industrialised for the last 400 years, well after the paleolithic era. Take out whole grains, cereals etc. I will omit that I will take in milk which is technically not allowed on the paleo diet, but I will need it as the substitute of goats milk and soya do affect my ermmmm bowel movements.

    For more information on Paleo food/lifestyle, see Mark Sisson's Daily Apple, Rob Wolf (who, until I actually just saw his site, I didn't know he was doing a 30 day challenge) and a good friend Dean Dwyer from Being Primal.

    Last year I did stints of paleo and low carb eating, and found loads of positive benefits, but I want to take the next 30 days to really give it a good go. I am not so much breaking myself into it as going cold turkey (ironic because thats one of the foods I can eat). I want to see how it will affect body composition and how I will feel eating pure, well balanced foods.

    I'll keep you posted, but all I'll say is that my body fat composition measured today (02.01.12) was 11% and bodyweight at 76kg.

    So that's my 30 day trial, the modern caveman diet. What is yours?

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