• Comparing Maradona to Messi is like comparing an Nokia 6210 to an iPhone...

    So once again I have seen the headlines. I thought that they had been written before, like last year or the year previous. It was once again the whole question that blights every football fan on the planet.

    Who's better, Maradona or Messi?

    Now when I first started this blog, I had written a piece about trying to compare football teams from different eras is like trying to compare TV adverts.

    So I have another one for you. Trying to compare Maradonna to Messi is like comparing a Nokia 6210 to an iPhone. No I haven't gone mad, so please stick with me.

    The thing I never understand is why there is ever a comparison  to start with, but for the sake of this blog and your sanity I'll explain my reasoning.

    Nokia 6210
    For those who were born pre 1985 will remember the 6210. It was for want of a better word, the daddy of phones. Simple, not complicated, but did everything you asked of it. By everything, I mean everything. This thing would be the only piece of equipment left after a nuclear fall out; probably to keep the cockroaches entertained with the only game left... Snake!

    Yes the 6210 evokes memories of a simple time for phone usage, it was perhaps the last of it's generation before the smart phone invasion. It was a phone which, the battery would last 5 days at a minimum, 8 at a push. It was so robust, that when I lived in a 6th floor appartment in Florence, it fell out of the window (long story) and only the battery came out. It survived the Arno after a 3am prank fell foul of the joker, yes, me.

    It was the phone that got the job done. It seems that if you look at it now, it wasn't a big deal, but trust me, in it's time, it was the phone that all the other brands aspired to be.

    And here cometh the iPhone...
    What are we at now, the 4th generation of iPhone; 7th if you count the S versions. Ok, I have one, actually I've had two, why? Because my needs have changed since being a 20 year old student living in Florence, and well so has the world.

    Now is the generation and time of the fancy stuff. Let's do things brilliantly...but quickly, once again without fuss but you know, lets look good doing it.

    The battery doesn't last anything up to 2 days without recharge, let alone 5. It's all touch screen so you're buggered if it rains and sometimes it makes me call Switzerland when indeed I was trying to get hold of my local takeaway. But I still love my phone, it suits my needs of today.

    So Maradona and Messi are...
    Well you can guess who's who.

    Maradona and Messi are phenomenon's, there's no need to point out who's better. They suited the football of their time. Maradonna would face some of the most defensive football any generation has seen, Messi exploits the beautiful attacking traits of football in today's modern game. It doesn't make one better than another, it makes them the perennial geniuses of their respective eras.

    If you gave me my 6210 right now, I would probably be smirking like a little child who got all the sweets; great. But then again, after 5 minutes I'd be yearning for my email, games, twitter etc. Would Maradona get a place on my team today? Most definitely. Would I chose Messi over him? Yes.

    Messi is the man of today, Maradona the man of yesteryear. Massive respect to these geniuses of football...and my 6210.

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