• Pirlo and Co... you need to be the Fiat 500...

    The Fiat 500, small, simple, efficient, friendly looking and brilliantly unsuspecting.

    My first car was a Fiat 500. No, not the cool one from the 1960's, it was the one where in the 90's Fiat tried to relaunch the brand, aided by Mr Schumacher and Irvine as well at the time. It was classed as 'evolutionary Fiat' taking what was great about the old one and sticking on in today's roads.

    It wasn't. There was nothing great about the car, aside from perhaps the CD player and electronic windows.

    I did however love it. It wasn't meant to be the Fiat 500 of the 1960s; if I wanted that, I would have... lived in the 60's or bought one, from the 60's.

    This was a small evolution, but a necessary one.

    And what about the new, shiny Fiat 500 of the last four years? Is that any better than the one produced in the 60s?

    Old and new... doesn't make it better

    No, once again, it's different. It's not meant to be the same. Fiat don't sit there and think "Let's make the same car we have always made" that's more... Porsche.

    The point is, the Fiat 500 has had to change, because times have changed. They are the equivalent of the national Football team.

    Prandelli's boys... a little softer around the edges

    Gone are the days of the terrifying centre back. Personally Chiellini is as about intimidating as my neighbours cat, and Bonnuci has less bite than a denture wearing 80 year old. What they do have however is exceptionally good feet, yes so did Maldini, Baresi ecc, but these guys can really walk a ball out of a box.

    The midfield is graced with men of long flowing hair, and yet strong physical attributes. Yes, the Italian 'short arse' is almost a thing of the past in the middle of the park.

    And up front, maybe less clinical than Bearzot's 82 team, and less creative than Sacchi's 94 adventure, but overall, more physical, more... unpredictable.

    Change is sometimes... necessary 

    Like the 500, the national team has changed. You will hear from un-challenged pundits about Italy are this ultimate defensive unit, how they don't press forward with "ease" and "vigour". They live in the world where Bruno Gentile still swaps shirts during matches.

    No. The Fiat 500 of yesteryear was great for yesteryear, and the Italian team perhaps up to a few years ago was probably just like that Fiat, same old, same old.

    What Prandelli seems to be doing is taking this current crop of players and asking them to be more like the shiny new Fiat... let them surprise us, and perhaps a few a long the way.

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    1. “The Fiat 500, small, simple, efficient, friendly looking and brilliantly unsuspecting.” That’s the best description for the Fiat 500. My friend, on the other hand, who has an Abarth 500 EsseEsse, used to describe his car as comfortable, high-tech, stylish and powerful. Have you driven that car? I think you should test drive it. I’m pretty sure you’ll enjoy driving it as well!

      *Dante Mallet

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