• Smorfia, Spiders and Daniele De Rossi???

    We've all been there. You wake up in a sweat, wondering if you actually need to do something like, attend an actual exam even though you realise you are no longer in school but a working adult; or in some cases check the closet to ensure there are no cats trying to break out and tare your face off.

    Ok the second scenario has happened only once, but you get the picture. Having a bad dream or nightmare can make you do strange things.

    Not in Naples

    No, if you are Neapolitan, you use your dream. You analyse with a purpose.

    La Smorfia, as it is casually recognised, is the second owned book of every Neapolitan I have ever known. After the Bible, the "book of dreams" Naples Style will give a short explanation of the object or scenario you have dreamt and then a number. The number is important, that's the number you use in the weeks lottery.

    Yes, you read that right. The lottery. The numbers which you pick, can be based just as much on your dream than anything else. Go play your lottery numbers in any good old tabaccheria (cigarette vendors) and in Naples you are greeted with a book on La Smorfia.

    Spiders and the number 32

    So my latest dream which was about spiders, yes I am not sure what it is with me and animals in my dreams, had me reaching for my own personal Smorfia. 

    Dreaming about spiders can mean two totally opposite things, but that's not important. Yep, I went searching for the number; and from that, what sense could I make of it all, and where, if what context would this have in my life. 32. That's the key number. I have searched far and wide for where and how this could apply to my life.

    I have looked at the 32nd telephone number in my phone book. 'That's Dad. Ok, good start. Dad, Dad, Dad... ah I am going to watch Italy tonight at Dad's house; OK, it's football related!'

    What next? Football, I enlisted the help of Robby (@thatsRoby) to see if the number 32 comes up anywhere in the national team. It doesn't. (Diamanti played with 32 at West Ham though).

    Then I remember, in Naples, when the number doesn't fit, either divide, multiply or add the two together. My personal choice, divide. 16... 'Daniele De Rossi... is my dream telling me something about Daniele De Rossi, my favourite Italian player?'

    Bet365 has Daniele De Rossi at 13/2 to score at any time during the match! Yes that number, 32 is back in my life... and guess what, 13 is my lucky number. What does this all mean? I'm not too sure, but that my friends is how I've used La Smorfia today.

    Come on Daniele!
    Is this the most tenuous link between dreams, Naples and betting? Perhaps, but regardless of Italy getting through or not tonight, La Smorfia is always going to condition some madness in my life, ask any Neapolitan and you know it conditions theirs.

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