• Dear Bradders...

    It's an affectionate name that I have conjured for the man who made sporting history the other day. Bradley Wiggins, or Bradders to you and I, was quite simply, flawless.

    And the thing is, Bradders has done what Boardman couldn't achieve 20 years ago, or Hoy even four years ago. He's got people passionate about cycling, so much so that the proverbial band wagon that enshrines victory and something which John Terry can be seen jumping on at every occasion, really has been in full swing for the last few weeks and is set to run further into the Olympics.

    Bollock ache...

    With my big... I can't even say it, "end of twenties" party just a few months away, my bike riding has never been great. I genuinely think that I still need stabiliser wheels, that my crash helmet is probably too bulky and that my attempt to make lycra look good was indeed, failure waiting to be noticed.

    The only way to get better is however spending more time on the bike, breaking that saddle that causes coccyx numbness and excuse the expression "bollock ache".

    Look mum, no hands

    However I feel that my pursuit of this may have come to a point of fruition. You see, yesterday whilst watching the final stage I agreed to take part in a midnight bike ride this September from Manchester to Blackpool; the star attraction, seeing the illuminations, something I've not seen since I was 10.

    It's 52 miles, it's in pitch black, but I'll be with my mates, on a bike trying to achieve something for a good cause, and why not!

    But it had me thinking

    There are so many things that I haven't done before my "end of twenties". I'm only left with a few months to achieve these things. For example, I've never climbed a tree. Admittedly when your mum effectively tells you "it's a sure fire way to meet god" it stops you dead in your tracks.

    I can't ride a bike with no hands, yes, no hands. Not even for a metre. I'm sounding like a complete geek/wuss but trust me there is something really not right about not holding onto a bike! I want to learn how to do that!

    And there are loads of other things, so many I can't even remember, but I'm compelled to spend the next 2 and a bit months going all out and trying to achieve them. It may break me physically and financially, it may send me to the doolalee bin or something less worse.

    The point is, I'm alive and currently, healthy. Before I start aching in places I never knew existed or regretting that I never did them, I think it's time I did.

    So basically, Dear Bradders, thanks fella for winning the Tour, you have inspired me to get on a bike and climb a tree, better than that yellow jersey after all!

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