• The hugging equation

    Ok, I think I've finally lost it, or maybe I've finally discovered something that will make all the difference to the world.

    Inspired by one man, I have, I believe, discovered what makes the "perfect hug".

    Arise Sir Steve! 

    The thing is, when Sir Steve Redgrave was chosen to be a pundit/expert/technical coach no one at the BBC had even contemplated the uniqueness of the 6'5 rowing legend. He has become the man that the BBC turn to for those big hugging moments. I can picture the producers now, screaming down the microphone; "Shit, where's Sir Steve? There's a bloody moment here where we can get a hug, live on TV... I DON'T GIVE A TOSS WHERE HE IS, GET HIM NOW" or something to that extent.

    The man has single-handedly changed the dynamics of social interaction on TV and now, the rest of the world.

    Just look at the size of the man! PERFECT HUG EVERY TIME!

    The equation 

    There are three key elements to a "perfect hug" then according to my visual, anecdotal analysis;

    1) Height difference. How tall are you, how tall is the person you are hugging. Fundamental, if the person is taller, guaranteed good start, if shorter, the next two must come into play.

    2) Size of 'levers'. Generally the longer, the better. Shorter armed folk don't try as hard.

    3) Weight. Put simply, is the person you are hugging/get hugged by, heavier than you?

    If all three elements are in favour of the hugger;
    hd + l + w = Sir Steve Hug 

    Other equations include:  
    >hd + l + w = The "Tom Daley" 
    hd + >l + w = The "Sir Chris Hoy" 
    hd + l + >w = The "I can't think of a person, but have a go anyway" 

    And so on, and so on... And if you don't trust me, try it out with some friends, work colleagues etc, I guarantee if you have someone that meets the Sir Steve Hug, keep them close at all times. 

    If you see Sir Steve... 

    Give him a bloody big hug, or ask for one! 

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