• When's a bottle of wine, not just a bottle of wine?

    When's a bottle of wine, not just a bottle of wine?

    It's becoming more and more part of my repetoir to ask such mundane questions, but I have been wondering about the significance of wine recently.

    Maybe this is just a sign of getting a little older. Yesterday whilst gift shopping, I found myself trying on a few clothes, things which before would have looked somewhat cool or trendy. Instead it instantly made me look like a complete prat; for want of a better word.

    My hair is more conservative my colour palette seems to be either black, a variation of black or just, like black, but not quite black bordering on grey. And whilst other colours are 'nice' they somehow don't suit me. Now, I seem to be muttering to myself in shops, 'this looks messed up'. 

    And suddenly the Christmas shopping is now laced with more grown up ideas. Admittedly less creative, less enthusiastic, less jois de vivre. There's thought, there's anticipation, there's added stress. What do you get somebody when you know them so well, and your mind goes blank at just thinking about it?

    Wine and Pandoro, the adults choice of Christmas gift, surely?
    And you can give Pandoro or Panettone, according to Nigella Lawson, they're the same thing. But then get grief for giving a present that adds weight. How about chocolates? Unless your 'the Man from Milk Tray' it's nothing short of boring. Nope, finding yourself in a tizz are we? I thought so.

    What about social convention when it comes to gifts to the opposite sex? What if you get something that suggests anything more than friendship, even though that was never your intention! How about getting something with some thought, but it being seen as, a little too reaking of desperate?

    This is Christmas. Christmas as an 'adult' and I'm not sure I'm quite liking it so far.

    So when's a bottle a wine, not just a bottle of wine? When you can give it is a gift that represents nothing but kindness, friendship and when the bottle is empty, something else to worry about recycling. 

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