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    So who am I and why this blog?

    I am Gino (aka, Virgilio, Bambi, Virgi to some), and I basically like writing.

    mylittlevespa started as a point of view, to some extent it stays that way, but it's about Italy. Mine, yours and other people's experiences. The things that make my country "beautifully absurd" should be spoken about, all with a pinch of humor at least.

    mylittlevespa covers; food, history, culture and sport. It tries to be balanced, it will not offend! Enjoy the site, and if you want to contribute get in touch.

    I have years of experience in writing for different themes, so if you have a company and want a writer for a one off piece or more, get in touch, drop me an email on (ginodeblasio(@)gmail(dot)com.

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