• Your word of the month....Movember

    I recently blogged about participating in the world wide charity movement of Movember. Since then I have had several people ask where they can stick some cash to my Mo grow.... so here it is. If you can afford 50p to £5 or even more, every little bit helps.


    Remember, this is about helping find cures for male cancers, such as prostate and testicular cancers which, whilst curable are still responsible for cancer related deaths every year.

    But another reason why I wanted to write this post today was to try and get the ball rolling to the readers, and then the readers friends etc.

    Trust your doctor

    Men, we are rubbish at communicating. We don't ask for directions (because we DO know the road, we just take the long way round, a lot), we don't talk about our emotions (they belong in that little place in the back of our cold, cruel hearts), and we really don't like talking to our doctors!

    NHS direct aside, there is so much accurate information we can ever receive off our friends and the internet, and even more inaccurate from the same sources. The whole essence behind the movember movement is men's health!

    Men, we need to be healthier. Sorry, I'll rephrase that...Men we need to talk to our doctors more. By having a good relationship with our GP (family doctor for my learned American readers), male or female, we can begin to take care of ourselves better, and the Movember movement (men's cancers) can be caught, treated and cured quicker if we did have this relationship and didn't feel so embarrassed about talking to them.

    And that's a huge issue which our doctor's really want to change, the embarrassment factor. There is nothing to be embarrassed about, trust me, doctors see all kinds of weird shit every day and they don't judge, they treat, that's what they are meant to do.

    Men, all I ask is, trust your doctor, visit them when you need to and don't be embarrassed. Pay them a visit in November for a quick check up and start building a relationship with your GP, you may never need to use them (my fingers are crossed for everyone for that scenario!).

    And finally, gentlemen, if you are going to grow a Mo, be proud, and spread the word of men's health around your community. And if you aren't growing one, please give kindly. 

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