• An ode to Masterchef!

    Firstl a quick apology for the delay between blogs, yes it's been a while, but as my last blog pointed out, I am learning a new language! It's going ok, even if "nao e' facil". (A quick thank you to Luis and Thomas for the help so far as well :)

    Today I wanted to talk to you, about a programme, that is quite simply TV gold. Masterchef!

    Not Lloyd Grossman but Gregg and John

    You see when I used to think about Masterchef, memories of Lloyd Grossman being stood in a dark room with a backlit stand for food to be rested on, I wouldn't willingly watch that nowadays. And why should you? We live in a world of fast paced TV, edge of the seat stuff where documentaries are getting voted for major awards, crime fiction is at a peak and food has to be enticing or it wouldn't get a prime time slot.

    My only complaint, Gregg is a little too vivacious tasting pudding
    So it took a green grocer (Gregg - @GreggAWallace) who has a penchant for deserts and Aussie (@JohnTorode1) who is an accomplished chef in his own right to turn a format around. And they have absolutely nailed it.

    From whittling down contestants in the first shows to identifying challenges to meet skill, ingenuity of ingredients, food sourcing and tough conditions to cook in, what they do is nothing short of a reality food drama, without having to phone in and make you feel like a complete twonk because you went against the logic of a "black chocolate and olive tart with Rosemary ice cream".

    The final five

    This year the final five are immense. We lost Aki (@akicooks) who in fairness was bonkers but brilliant TV, we have Tom (@TomRennolds), Eamonn (@HuntEamonn), Shellina (@hungrymauritian), Andrew (@MasterKoj) and Jay.

    My two favourites, Andrew and Jay. (I only say Jay because I am frightened what would happen to me if I didn't) But in all honesty, these final five are immense, they are making the show what it is. They're are not accomplished chef's but they have a real passion, they want to make something out of the thing they love the most and you know they ulitmately will.

    So I tip my cap to you dear Masterchef'ers for a brilliant programme format, great contestants and honestly "cooking doesn't get any tougher than this" you are most definitely right!

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    2. Absolutely right, the format of the show, the way the hosts interact with the contestants is first class, You can tell what they are thinking by some smart camera work and captured expressions.
      "I know its should not work,but it does" from John, or a verbal slap on the back from Gregg. Its matey and professional, but its great TV ...

    3. Thanks for your feedback Skiathian. I love the show and love the fact that the contestants are stretched to their limits and then produce some of the finest food you'll see!

      Adendum - JAY IS ON TWTITTER - follow the lad from Southport! @JayMasterchef

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