• Too good to be Stru'....

    It's that time of year again. I get more grey hairs, my blood pressure seems to incandescently increase at just the thought. My bank balance takes a hit that needs several moneysaving expert tips to fix.

    You would think that Milan were playing. You would think that someone is butchering yet another Italian "traditional" recipe. Nope, it's just me, my PC and booking a flight for the festivities. My only consolation is that I am reminded of something; something greater than my excitement can handle; Christmas food. Pandoro, vongole, baccalà and struffoli!

    Stru for what?

    Small, crisp, coated in honey with "hundreds and thousands", it is the modern adults sweet shop in one spoonful. Think of it as the stage before a maltesser and you're half way to understanding just how good these are!

    This, however is not a traditional Italian dish; no no dear friends, the Italians have to thank the Greeks for this Christmas delight.

    It was sometime during the 1600's when Naples was under part greco control that the desert came to being. The name Struffoli comes from the Greek "Strongoulos" which means round, and guess what? Struffoli are round. Deep fried dough balls, coated in honey and depending on your region certain elements of local cuisine are added for extra effect.

    Getting stressed again... 

    OK, when I said I was less stressed thinking about them, that was a lie. Now I'm feeling more stressed. Here's the reason, Struffoli are given as presents, dependent on the giver you know who makes the best; vis a vis, you need to be prepared to sprint, elbow, leap and fight for your spoonful.

    I'm not prepared, I'm injured. My leap isn't as good as it should be, my spoon skills are diminished and my strength skills couldn't hold off Nonna let alone a stampede of cousins, uncle's and my dad! Who'd have known that training like Rocky would be required just to get dessert?

    England, you may have your minced pies, we have our Struffoli, and we fight over them as well!

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