• The holiday that was...

    Well, another year has passed by and the summer holidays, or those which I have just had have passed. It could only be sods law that I arrive when Italy was suffering from the worst heat wave in 13 years, average high on this holiday was 37c, average low 26c and that was at night!

    The sleepless nights and time in spent in traffic though had me thinking. This October I celebrate my last birthday in my 20's (wow, even scarier when I write this down)!

    Now, I've never been one for the birthday celebration, when I was a kid I enjoyed the chocolate celebratory cake as much as the last person, but over the last few years I couldn't really give a flying monkey. But it had me thinking of all these lists, you know, the ones that say "things to do before your 30" or "this may be your last birthday, so, enjoy life."

    It had me thinking, what can I do to really celebrate the day? I had thought about coming to Rome for the weekend, celebrate wi a few friends perhaps, or just do something which I have never done before like White water rafting, zorbing, rock climbing etc.

    I'm not sure really, I have no concern of getting older or death, these are just inevitibilites of life, but this one has got me thinking for some strange messed up reason.

    So, your suggestions are more than welcome. Keep them as realistic as possible please, and nothing which could get me killed. Thanks :)

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