• The most likely cause of my own personal death...the home gym

    As most of you know I am a bit of an exercise nut. I love my weight workout sessions and football provides an outlet to be competitive. I love to cycle and do sprint work (the later less frequently). But one thing has started to  bug me recently, my GYM!

    I workout at Total Fitness Chester, and it's about time they do something to rid the nobs frequenting the establishment, enforce some manners into the weight area and instead of getting on the tanoy every 5 minutes to tell you that the "centre will be closing in X time" actually have someone upstairs in a lifeguard-esque tower and blow a whistle when someone doesn't put their weights away!!!!!! Aside from a cleanliness issue, which, the place isn't clean, never has been since I've going there, I am fed up of paying my hard earned cash to be treated like some second grade citizen when I am there. Machines are constantly broken and their clock is all of 5-8 minutes faster than Meridian TIME!

    So, I have instead been thinking of sticking a home gym together in my garage. I have the space. Currently I have my bike on a turbo trainer which gives me a nice cardio workout whilst listening to my own music courtesy of my computer or iPad. I play football (when not injuring my ankle) 3/4 times a week and all I want is somewhere where I can get through my workout in no more than 20 minutes. That's right 20 minutes. If you followed my other blog you will see that's all you need. (And actually that's another thing, people who spend 10-15 minutes on the same weight machine, it's pathetic! Get over yourselves, get on with your workout and stop hogging the machines.)

    This will probably be the way I die by the way, getting stuck under a bar loaded with weights, or having a massive coronary whilst doing a relatively simple operation moving the bench to the other side of the garage!

    So I am looking for a good weight bench, preferably with extendible arms so I can start doing squats again. A leg extension piece would be good and some weight plates. A few dumbbells ranging from 7 - 30kg would also be nice. If anyone knows where I can buy these things at very good prices, or has them to sell, please let me know. (leave a comment and I'll get back to you)

    But what about space for the Vespa project I hear all of you scream? Don't worry, there will be time and space for that.

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