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    So, it seems, I have narrowed down the scooter I want to restore.

    1) Vespa 125 primavera
    2) Vespa PK 125

    Both are unique little creatures, somewhat breeds of their time, even though production on both lasted until the mid 80’s from the 1960’s, they were in fairness pretty iconic.

    I am investigating parts, manuals, costs etc to see how they stack up. The easier to find parts, is the most important thing to be honest. As I am looking to do this in the UK and not Italy where I’m pretty sure you’d find parts on the side of the road (doesn’t bode well that thought) then that should be top priority.

    Here is a shot of a Roman street this last May when I went and watch Milan win the league in a mad 24 hour round trip. Derek (whose foot is in the bottom corner) took a photo of what I would class as true Italy. Lots of scooters, two bottles of Peroni and some pretty trees. (Unfortunately there were no shots of corrupt politicians, pizzas or everyone not working).

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