• Britishness is the key to the Olympics!

    I wasn't fused when London got the nod for the Olympics. I didn't, until the start of the games think London could deliver on the expectations that those who meticulously planned it think it could deliver.

    I was an anti Sebastian Coe individual.

    And yet, I am finding myself feeling a fool today.

    From the start these games have been about one thing, celebrating Britishness; and what a bloody good job of it they are doing.

    From Danny Boyle's opening ceremony which paid tribute to the NHS, and the export of Britains greatest asset, music, all through to the handing of the torch to another generation; there has not been one greater single event which can demonstrate getting it right when it counted.

    We've had the tears of joy to the tears of abject misery; athletes expected to fail, winning, and athletes expected to win; fail.

    And Britain, it's unique multiculturalism, the apparent "crap" that a Tory MP was so idiotic in tweeting, has been a real star. A Somali born runner, whose home became the UK, chose to run for GB. He chose to! A mixed race athlete who was deemed to be unsuitable for competition at a young age, stuck with it and wakes up Olympic champion this morning. Well done Jess!

    You will have the naysayers, the people that instead of talking of sporting brilliance and the wave of emotion will look at how the men's football team went out on penalties, shaming one man in the process. The daily mail will write about "plastic Brits", but what do you expect from a xenophobic, celebrity obsessed, factually inaccurate paper, positivity and truth?

    The truth is, for every naysayer there are ten yay-Sayers. That's what Britain is, a plethora of diversity, and one that finds itself celebrating more than music and the health service today, but athletics and and champions elect.

    From an Italian, raised in the UK, I am but a Britalian at best, I guess That may anger the daily Mail elite, but I don't care.

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